These testimonials are from my customers when I was doing membership site consulting and development as Kencinnus, LLC…

CultureSyncJulian Bergquist, Leadership & Community Facilitator

Kencinnus plugin probably saved me days of my time and enabled us to provide the needed functionality to our community of leaders. We already had a wordpress website and aweber for email. We wanted the durability of amember to maintain our users and secure content for our courses and info products. It was looking like this was going to take lots of work and that our aweber list was going to be disconnected from the membership database. Also, looked like offering our different levels of courses and programs was going to be clunky. Ken’s plugins (amProtect, aMail for Aweber & AmSalesPages) made this very easy. Got the entire thing installed, and content secured and working in a Saturday afternoon. In the past day since installing the plugins, we got 40 new members added to the site and wrote me excited about the new content we have published for members only.

Mastering Mind Manager for ProjectsRobert Hancock, CTO

We recently moved our online video training site to amProtect. It has been a robust, easily-extensible solution to managing protected video content and I wish we had discovered it sooner because we could have saved more than $2000 and many hours hand-coding other solutions that never worked as well as amProtect.

GoForNo.com – This is what Andrea Walz had to say after hiring Ken Gary to help build a membership section on her site with physical product delivery options…

Working with Ken was an absolute joy. Ken has a unique combination of technical skills and know how combined with the ability to explain and communicate. His quick follow up and response time was appreciated. I can’t say enough about his great products, services, and recommend him without hesitation!

PokerBetter.comSeth Bailey wanted a seamless look-and-feel integration between his WordPress membership site and his aMember pages. I helped him out by applying his WordPress design to his aMember templates. And we tweaked a few other things along the way…

Kencinnus has saved me at least $20,000!!!

Upon starting up my software/membership site for online Texas holdem’ poker players I needed a membership software to track all my members, integrate my payment gateways and easily add new products. I stumbled upon aMember and purchased their professional membership software. When I looked further into this program there was a bunch of things missing that I really needed. I showed a friend of mine who is a php programmer and he informed me if this program was custom made it could run up to $20,000. So here I am with a $20,000 script that I purchased for $200 and it doesn’t do exactly what I need it to. Then I stumbled upon Kencinnus.com and everything changed. Apparently he thinks the same way which is why there was virtually a plugin for every aspect that is missing in aMember. I have purchased multiple plugins and even had some custom work done. He is awesome to work with and knows aMember’s scripts in and out. I talked to a few designers and they needed to comb through all the code and learn it before they could begin to work on it. Kencinnus.com has skipped all this which leads to less time working and more time making money. By purchasing these plugins and having this custom work done, my membership site looks and feels much more professional and I am able to manage many more aspects that I could not find anywhere else. But don’t take my word for it. You can see how well these customizations turned out by going to www.pokerbetter.com. Check out the signup page. Thanks Kencinnus!

Internet & Exito – Like a lot of sites I work on, this one was very close to launch but wasn’t ready yet. I came in at the last minute and installed my amOffers plugin plus did a lot of product tuning to meet the specific needs of the launch. We made it in time. After finishing this project, Sebastián Saldarriaga Saffon wrote:

Sebastián Saldarriaga Saffon

“My name is Sebastian Saldarriaga and I am one of the top Internet marketers in the Hispanic market. I am so glad I found Ken because if it wasn’t for him I would not have been able to do the biggest launch ever in Spanish with out any problems (El Gran Seminario Virtual). Thanks to his amazing plug-ins for aMember every time I run promotion can offer an optional continuity and have the client go through an amazing sales funnel with up sales and down sales. Now Ken is my top programmer and I highly recommend him and all his plug-ins to any serious Internet Marketers.”

Gunshot Money – I installed my amOffers plugin and tuned the products so people who purchased the information product would immediately have the opportunity to also join the monthly club. After finishing this project, Mark Dulisse wrote:

Mark Dulisse

“Ken’s plugins for aMember are top notch. I hired Ken to install and customize his plugins to suite my particular membership. I found Ken to be very responsive to all my emails and phone calls, and able to give me the best advice on how to structure my membership and upsells in a timely fashion.

If you are looking for someone to help you with your aMember, Ken’s plugins will make you more money, and his service will make your life stress free knowing that you are in good hands with his coding abilities. I highly recommended Ken. ”

Scrapbook Dimensions – After installing my amProtect plugin on her site herself, Cindy wrote:

“I purchased amProtect and you have saved me from pulling out my hair!! Thank you so much for that product and for helping me protect content on my WordPress pages. I offer classes, not recurring products at this time. This will be extremely helpful.”

Distressed Pro – After installing my aMail for 1-2-All plugin (and others) on his real estate site himself, Brecht Palombo wrote:

Brecht Palombo

“Ken, I just set up your 1-2-All plugin and I have to say it works perfectly. I own and use several of your aMember plugins for my WordPress based membership site and honestly I don’t know how I would operate without them. I followed the directions on the 1-2 install (which were simple) and my database is now synced perfectly to my 1-2All mail software – awesome. I don’t know how to quantify the importance of this but honestly this is HUGE.”

Transforming Strategies – After installing my amStrategy plugin (and others) on his site himself, Erwin van den Boogaard wrote:

Erwin van den Boogaard

“Ken, I really like your plugins, they are the best thing for aMember since sliced bread. For example: as a consultant I find the amStrategy plugin extremely useful. It not only fits perfectly within my line of service offerings, but more important it saves me time. Instead of having to send and process questionnaires manually, this fantastic plugin handles it all!”

Doodle Oodles – After installing my aMail for AWeber plugin, Catherine wrote this on the Membership Academy forums:

“I’ve used AWeber for the past several years, beginning long before I knew amember existed. It’s easy to learn and use, emails are delivered quickly and customers respond well to it. I must say I’ve had no problems at all.

Now that I’m using AMember too, I am extremely glad to see that the plug-in has been written that allows it to “talk” to AWeber.

Ken, the “member who wrote it” is a great guy; experienced, creative, intelligent and extremely helpful. He’s also developed lots of other cool programs that work with AMember.

RE: Installation
While the video and written instructions are quite thorough, and one can easily follow them step by step, I suggest you pay the small price Ken charges for installation.

By the time I finished doing the installation on my own, my head was swimming and I was pretty confused. I wound up spending a LOT of time checking and rechecking my work to be certain I hadn’t skipped anything. Even so, I still had the feeling I’d missed something. In retrospect, I wish I’d had Ken install it and gone to work on other things for my website that were easier.

The plugin itself is great. It works well and I am very happy I’ve got it!

Give it a go!”

aMember 3rd Party Service Providers Forum – After purchasing my amThankYou plugin and installing it herself, Katherine Nolan wrote this on the aMember 3rd Party Service Providers Forum (and others agreed):

“Thanks, just bought this. It took about 5 minutes to set up and works brilliantly. I paid rather than use the coupon – you deserve the paltry amount it costs!! ”

Association of Synthetic Grass Installers – My amThankYou plugin makes the thank you page on this site more user friendly and my amProtect plugin helps protect the WordPress content for members only. After installing them herself, Annie Costa, Executive Director of ASGi wrote:

“Brilliant tool. Can’t wait to figure this into my “stuff”. I have been wondering how to do just this forEVER … Thanks – also for the videos, makes things VERY Clear on how to install and use immediately.”

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