I’ve been FLOCKED!

Flamingos Flocking
I walked outside today to go run some errands and I was startled to find three nice women planting 80 pink plastic flamingos in my yard.

It was a fund raiser called Raise the Flock being done by the Castle Rock Elementary Parent Community Group (PCG).

Flamingo Close-up
Flamingo Close-up

My sister, Bev Ann Gary, had flocked me!

Since it was April 1, I walked out into the yard and said, “The police are on their way!” One of the ladies laughed and said with a laugh, “Yeah, the person who sent these is going to get in trouble, huh?” I said, “Well, you’re the ones in my yard right now. You’re the ones trespassing.” That got their attention. So of course I couldn’t be that mean and immediately said, “APRIL FOOLS!”

They normally flock with 40 flamingos. My sister paid extra to have twice that many. You can pay them $5 to have them removed. Or $10 to send the flock to another address. Pay $15 to find out who sent the flock to you. Or, if you really hate this sort of thing, you can pay $25 to purchase “Flock Insurance” so that you are guaranteed never to be flocked again. (Of course if you seriously hate it you can call and they will come remove them right away. And the flock is going to disappear within 36 hours no matter what. But it’s all for a good cause and who doesn’t love it?)

My neighbors all really, really enjoyed it. So did we. I feel loved. This was hilarious.

If you want to join the flocking fun and would like to send the flock to someone you love just send an email to crepcg@hotmail.com. You can also visit the CRE Raise the Flock Facebook page or go directly to their web site: Raise the Flock.